Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Internet Business Team

Greetings to all My Internet Business team members!

You have just landed on My Internet Business Team Blog. This blog will be where all My Internet Business affiliates can resort to if they need any upline support, have any questions, and would like to offer their input or feedback on how we can develop not just as a team, but a whole company.

There is a 'comments' section where members can post. The company's top earner, Jimmy Torres and/or other team leaders will reply as soon as they can get to it.

We will frequently be making posts about any updates and information about the program. In addition, we'll be sharing effective marketing tips that you can and should use to maximize your daily earnings. From time to time, you will also notice some great recommendations that may interest you, so watch out for them as they can seriously benefit you.

To make sure you don't lose this page, bookmark it right now. This way you'll have it handy at your convenience.

If you would like, you can send your prospects to this blog to give them a glimpse of what My Internet Business has to offer.

If you're reading this blog and not part of Passport To Wealth or My Internet Business, but are wanting more details, then visit My Internet Business website to find out more.

1 comment:

Iago de Otto said...

Hey, where is everybody? I mean, I just got here and you know you'd think maybe at least there would be a kegger going on or something. I even brought the fried chicken, extra crispy.

Anyway, I am honored to be the first MIBer to be posting here. Here's to my success, and all you other guys too, but hey, I got here first. Har har.

But where am I in my MIBness, one might be wondering? Well, not making any money yet. Haven't sold nary a thing. But hold on there, I must tell you that I am the proud owner of.

If you haven't gotten on board with My Internet Business, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that the back office is to die for. Nicely, cleanly laid out, a user-friendly interface. Okay, it has only recently launched and there are some areas still under construction so to speak, but it is already up and running for absolutely sure and chock full of crunchy and chewy candy alike. C'mon, admit it, you're intrigued. Well, I can tell you, again, it is intriguing. I am actually kinda excited for that day when I will understand everything and be applying it actively and profitably.

And until that day, I remain,

Iago de Otto
The Cynical Optimist